Having an out-of-date Will can leave your assets and life’s work exposed to risk.

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Distribute your assets among the people you love to ensure that your assets are cared for. Having a Will set in place for when you pass allows your wishes to be heard.

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When making your Will, the importance of reviewing your company constitution and family trust is regularly overlooked by many legal professionals.

To ensure that assets are protected from creditors, our business lives are often complicated with asset structure. To receive the best financial planning benefits, we can sometimes create undesirable consequences in respect to what happens to the assets owned by these structures on our death. Accordingly, when you create one of these structures or if you already have these structures in place and are considering your estate planning needs, you should ensure that your company constitutions and trust deeds are reviewed by your solicitor from a legal aspect to make sure it is not contradicting as stipulated in your Will.

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A Power of Attorney helps you in complex times, where you would find it difficult to deal with your own affairs.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document by which you can authorise another person, or a team of people, to act on your behalf.

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Unfortunately having a legally binding Will set in place only provides half of the protection you may need. A Will covers you when you pass away and who should look after your affairs; but who will look after your affairs if something happens to you and you are still alive just incapable of managing your own affairs? An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document where you appoint another person or persons to manage your financial affairs and personal and health decisions while you are alive.

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Estate Planning concerns most people. Even in ‘simple’ situations, a ‘Simple Will’ will not always suffice to protect your assets. The Hatzis Lawyers’ team have a diverse range of expertise to suit any Estate Planning needs of a client.

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