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Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates Law

At Hatzis Lawyers, we offer a fixed fee for all our will documents

  • Unfortunately, many people don’t have an up to date Will. As a result, their assets they they spent a lifetime acquiring are often exposed and at risk.

Hatzis Lawyers deals with the following aspects of Wills & Estates Law:

  • Wills

    Unfortunately, dying is a fact of life. What do you do when someone you love dies, and that person has not taken care of his/her estate by making a Will? If you do not have a Will prepared ready for when you die, your assets could be distributed so that the people you love are forgotten in the mess that ensues.

    If you have minor children and you die without a will, someone else decides who becomes the guardian of your children. For more information on making your will, read more on making a will. Also apply for a Will here.

    For information on contesting a Will – Click here.

  • The Importance of Reviewing Company Constitutions and Trust Deeds

    When making your Will the importance of reviewing your company constitution and family trust is regularly overlooked by many legal professionals.

    Our business lives are often complicated with asset structures to ensure that assets are protected from creditors and to receive the best financial planning benefits; we can sometimes create undesirable consequences in respect to what happens to the assets owned by these structures on our death. Accordingly, when you create one of these structures or if you already have these structures in place and are considering your estate planning needs, you should ensure that your company constitutions and trust deeds are reviewed by your solicitor from a legal aspect.

    For more information:
    Read more on appointing company directors.
    Read more on shareholders of companies.
    Read more on family trusts.

  • Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

    When you find it difficult to deal with your own affairs, it is time you considered the appointment of a person to handle those affairs.

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document by which you can authorise another person, or a number of people together, to act on your behalf. Read more on Power of Attorneys.

  • The Importance of an Enduring Power of Attorney

    Many people assume that having a Will is the main focus of any personal asset planning or business planning. Unfortunately having a legally binding will is only half the protection you need; a will covers you when you pass away and who should look after your affairs; but who will look after your affairs if something happens to you and you are still alive? Read more on:

    Enduring Power Of Attorney

  • What is Estate Planning?

    Estate Planning concerns most of us. We spend most of our time complicating our lives for business or taxation purposes. Often, in such cases, a ‘simple will’ does not protect us. Even in so called ‘simple’ situations, there are so many traps. At Hatzis Lawyers, we offer advice to our clients on various areas related to Estate Planning. Read more on estate planning.

  • Please call us on 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) to order a FREE copy of the Information Pack for our Wills, Power of Attorney and Estate Planning services.
  • Please feel free to call our law firm on 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) or email for any Wills, Estates and Power of Attorney service assistance that you may require in and around Brisbane. Please take a look at our Recent Articles if there are any other aspects of Estate law for which you require information.

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