What is a Will?​

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What is a Will

A Will is a legal document that states what you would like to happen with your money, belongings and other assets when you pass away.​​

Your Will names:
  1. Who you would like to administer your estate when you pass away and make your funeral arrangements. This person is called an Executor; and
  2. Who you want to give your estate to, namely your beneficiaries.​
A Will also lets you:​
  1. Name one or more guardians for your children if you and their other parent were to both pass away;​
  2. Establish a trust to provide for your children or a person with a disability;​
  3. Preserve your assets;​
  4. Give money to charity and philanthropic organisations; and​
  5. Give specific wishes in respect of your body i.e burial, cremation, your funeral service, organ donation.​
Why make a Will?​

It is important to plan for the future. Having a valid Will is the only reliable way to ensure that your estate goes to family, friends, organisations or charities of your choice after you pass away.​​

Having a valid and up-to-date Will can help reduce stress for your family and friends, limit the costs to administer your estate, and lessen the possibility of disputes over your estate.​​

If you pass away without a valid Will, your estate will be divided in accordance with the rules of intestacy.​​

When should you review your Will?​

We recommend that you review your Wills at least every twelve (12) months, or whenever the circumstances of a person mentioned in your wills changes, especially if any of the following events occur:​

  • If an executor dies or becomes unwilling or unsuitable to act due to ill– health, age or any other reason;​
  • If an executor becomes bankrupt or loses capacity;
  • If a beneficiary dies;​
  • If any specific property has been left to a specific beneficiary and you subsequently sell that property or it changes in nature;​
  • If the family situation of yourselves or any beneficiary changes (e.g.  marriage, divorce, matrimonial problems, children or further children, de facto relationships);
  • If either of you become involved in a new business, company or trust;​
  • If you take up permanent residence in another State or overseas.​
Get Started Now​

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