Sports Clubs’ Should Review Anti-Doping Initiatives

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Sports Clubs’ Should Review Anti-Doping Initiatives.

Recently we have acted on behalf of a sporting club in reviewing their anti-doping policy.

We re-designed the current policy in order to incorporate mechanisms which attempts to curtail possible liability for the Club from a player who transgresses but also incorporate the requirements of the supervising organisation.

Any of the ASADA anti doping requirements and/or protocols must be taken into consideration when formulating a club’s position and to protect the club against the threat of doping.

This is a very pertinent issue as doping not only effects the individual player and relevant clubs and supervising organisations, it also deals with broader issues pertaining to the fairness and reputation of the sport. Even though the player or club may be penalised, it is the reputation of the sport that suffers most.

If you operate or are involved in a sporting organisation or club and are concerned with a similar situation to this and have no clause regarding the doping of your players, talk to our team at our Sunnybank Hills or Forest Lake offices.

Feel free to email us at or call 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947).