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Lucinda Stevenson

Our Family Law Solicitor

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Lucinda Stevenson

Family Law Solicitor

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Lucinda has worked exclusively in Family Law since her admission and is passionate about helping clients navigate their way through the legal process.

She prides herself on providing cost-effective, practical and realistic advice to clients through strong negotiation and communication skills. She does not believe that taking a rigid approach always works best and is an advocate for resolving matters amicably with practitioners, if possible, to reduce the emotional and financial burden for clients. However, she does not hesitate to take a direct approach and act protectively in the defence of her client’s rights.

Lucinda advises clients in relation to all aspects of family law including property settlement, parenting, spousal maintenance, child support, divorce, financial agreements and domestic violence. Lucinda often deals with matters involving complex parenting matters, including mental health and substance abuse, recovery and child abduction, domestic as well as family violence.

Lucinda is a member of the Family Law Practitioner’s Association of Queensland and the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia and is an integral part of our Family Law Team.

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