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How Important is the Name in the Contract?

How Important is the Name in the Contract?
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Whenever you buy property, the first thing you will normally consider is the price, then the size, location, return on investment and various other factors.

People do not generally think about the identity of the buyer. It is not as simple as you think to modify the name of the buyer on a contract.

There are legal implications involved in replacing one buyer with another legal entity on an existing validly binding contract, which requires the consent of the seller on the contract.

One of the many problems that can arise is the order in which an individual’s name is written. It is important that the solicitor double-check the spelling of every name on the contract to ensure that transfer documentation is correctly prepared.

Even more complex, if the Buyer provides different personal details to the financier!

Once a name is registered on the title of a property, making changes to that name can be costly and time consuming.

It is important that you carefully consider whom will be the registered owner of a property PRIOR to purchase.

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