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How to Lose Your Commission

How to Lose Your Commission

How to Lose Your Commission.

Once you sign the contract, the problem is YOURS!

Before you buy a property, whether it is land or a unit, it is important that you ensure there are no ‘improvements’ that could cause financial heartache in the years to come. Talk to one of our Property Solicitors who can help you.


If the previous owners did not obtain council approval for that garage, patio or extra room, you will be faced with the bill should the council ever insist on the work being brought into line with their building standards.


Once you sign a contract for property that does not have approvals for all the structures or improvements, you may not be able to hold the seller responsible to rectify the problem.  YOU will have to pay!


If in doubt, include a special condition in the contract to protect you if you find out that the local council has not approved the improvements to your home.


To be absolutely sure – become a client of Hatzis Lawyers and talk to us BEFORE you buy your property and sign the contract. You wouldn’t want to lose your commission would you?Fax to (07) 3344 2081 or email a copy of your contract for us to review before you sign it.


If you have ANY concerns or queries or you want to take advantage of our FREE REIQ contract review, please contact one of our experienced property team on 3345 4388 or 1300 428 947.

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