Getting Paid

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Getting Paid

Does your business struggle to chase up overdue client payments? Do you find yourself wasting your day following up client debtors when you could be bringing in new business?

When talking with our clients about debt recovery matters the usual problems we see are  that most businesses have failed on certain basics and that is why they “pay for it” at the back end when it comes time to collecting their debts

Amongst other reasons, we regularly see clients:

  • Fail to properly document their agreement or the work being done with their customer which has caused a hole in their efforts to recover the money – When was the last time you checked your business documents to ensure that you have covered this?
  • Fail to secure payment from a debtor in not having a signed engagement or work order form
  • Fail their cash flow by not taking a deposit or
  • Do not have a system of regular or progress payments along the way
    And of course there are the circumstances where a lot of good hard working business owners have often taken way too long to chase up the Debtor and so their lack of systems have actually added to the delay in getting paid and the effect it has on the cash flow of the business

Debt recovery is really the end result of your work process. There is nothing worse than finalising a client matter only to realise they have no way of paying you what they promised.

There is a solution!  We can help!

We will take the stress off you by contacting your debtors ourselves to organise payment. Although no-one enjoys being held up in court proceedings, sometimes it needs to be done for you to receive what is rightfully yours.

Our debt recovery process is as follows:

  • Issue a demand for immediate repayment;
  • Initiate Court proceedings if necessary, for the recovery of monies;
  • Examine the financial standing of the debtor as part of the Court process;
  • Seize assets if your debtor is declared bankrupt.

If you find yourself stuck dealing with client debtors rather than your business, maybe it is time you let us deal with it so that you are free to take care of your business properly.

Call us on 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) or email to review our debt recovery voucher system, or for only $295, we can discuss and provide real solutions to your work processes during our 1 ½ hour Risk and Asset Planning Consultation.