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Get Your Commission on the Day of Settlement

Get Your Commission on the Day of Settlement

Get Your Commission on the Day of Settlement

Would you like your commission paid direct to your bank account on the day of settlement?

Hatzis Lawyers is participating in the online property exchange (better known as PEXA) for its property transactions.

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is the platform supporting the transformation to e-conveyancing for property.

PEXA is an online property exchange that removes the need to physically attend settlement by allowing Land Registries, financial institutions and practitioners to transact together online.

Hatzis Lawyers sees the benefits of PEXA including:-

FASTER, Fast access to cleared funds, no more cheques, no need to physically attend settlement.

SAFER, Nationally regulated system, greater transparency, reduced risk of fraud.

MORE EFFICIENT, Real time lodgement and settlement, greater certainty of settlement completing successfully, less time preparing documents.


Hatzis Lawyers will be inviting other parties involved in a Conveyancing transaction to participate in PEXA also, thus allowing your commission to be banked SAME DAY as settlement.


For further information, please contact our Property team on or call (07) 3345 4388.

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