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Have You Thought About Mediation?

Have You Thought About Mediation?

Have You Thought About Mediation?

Recently our family law team has had a number of successful outcomes at mediation. Congrats team!

Picture your worst case scenario: parents unable to see eye to eye as to what is in their child’s best interests, an array of complex property settlement matters including mortgage repayments remaining unpaid, the bank threatening you with foreclosure notices and just when you think it could not get any worse…domestic violence proceedings.

In addition to this, your solicitor has been fighting tooth and nail in a war via correspondence, only for the matter to escalate and move you further and further away from ever finding a solution. Your legal fees are increasing and you feel that there is no end to this nightmare.

Is this your current situation?

Hope is not lost. Have you thought about mediation?

Mediation is often the answer because it provides for each party’s expectations to be “reality tested” and for common ground to be discovered.
We believe that mediation is one of the BEST tools available to assist parties in reaching an agreement.

We recently had a matter just like the scenario above settle at one day mediation.

We acted for the Mother who was of the position that the Father should only have supervised time with the 5 year old child. Two months prior, we had been successful in having a temporary order made against the Father with substantial conditions, including that the Father be of good behaviour towards the Mother and child.

We continued to press in correspondence for the child to only spend supervised time with the Father until such time that he had enrolled in an anger management program and had regularly started attending a clinical psychologist. This client’s matter settled within a period of two (2) months from the date of separation.

At mediation, we achieved our client’s desired result of a gradual increase of time to unsupervised time, which was supported by research in relation to what is in a child’s best interests in certain situations and at different developmental ages.

If you or someone you know is in an environment at home that is unhappy or unsafe for themselves or their children, feel free to contact our experienced family law team  at or call 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) , who is here to help you navigate through these issues, providing you with cost-effective, practical and realistic advice.

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