Fairness in the Workplace: Accusations and Liability: Part 3

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Fairness in the Workplace: Accusations and Liability: Part 3.

Part 3 – Deemed liability provisions’


This third and final provision provides a direct liability definition of whether an offence has been committed by a director or not. Essentially this provision imposes liability where directors have degree of involvement of the offence by the company. As stated in the reading of the Act, a director is liable if they have authorized or permitted the conduct constituting the offence; or if the director was, directly or indirectly, knowingly concerned in the corporations conduct.


Again it is expressed that the approach to tackling corporate liability chose a simplistic route. The Act has applied amendments to the application of deemed liability provisions to a specific list of offences under the respective Acts rather than exposing directors to numerous provisions hidden within hundreds of various respective Acts.


Now there is a definitive ruling about what the Legislation defines, one rule among all. It appears to be a fair yet effective approach to solving an issue which all people in a position of power within the work industry fear, should be taken on board to ensure your actions do not constitute a breach in the law which now stands.


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