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Providing you with the best conveyancing legal solutions.

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  • We offer a free service of perusing your contract. You can bring in your contract when you come in to meet us. Even before you sign up with us, we will go through your contract free of charge.
  • We treat your case with utmost care
  • We set a time line for the other party to comply with
  • We identify any problems/loopholes in the process and provide solutions
  • You will know the answer to any question you come up with because we will keep you informed through the whole process.
  • “We can also conduct negotiations on your behalf if you choose our Optional Contract Negotiation service.”This means we can negotiate the terms and conditions and even the price, if required, with the agent on your behalf. We can draft the contract if required or alternatively fax conditions to the agent to include in the contract.
  • Financiers’ requirements when selling your Brisbane investment property/real estate property
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  • You will be surprised to know that in any commercial transaction, the cheapest part of the transaction is at the beginning and not at the end. Financially, it is less expensive for you to come and consult our solicitors before you make any irrational decisions, rather than seeing our solicitors after problems have arisen.
  • Our Brisbane firm of solicitors can help you make the right decision and peruse all your documentation before you sign or proceed with such decision.
  • Please feel free to email conveyancing@hatzis.com.au or call 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) for any conveyancing law service assistance that you may require in and around Brisbane.
  • Otherwise, please take a look at our recent articles page for an expert’s opinion on specific aspects of commercial law.