Providing you with the best business legal solutions.

With our vast experience of over 30 years behind us, our Commercial Law Team is an authority in this field and can provide you with the best business legal solutions.

For information on our commercial services:

Our team of Brisbane commercial lawyers also offer expert advice on leases.

Our experienced team of Brisbane business lawyers offer quality mortgage advice which will help you choose the right loan and help you avoid pitfalls and traps set by loan sharks.
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Who we offer our services to:

  • Shopping Centres

  • Industrial and commercial buildings,

  • Coffee shop franchises

  • Hotels

  • Newsagents, pharmacies and post offices

  • General and boutique mechanical workshops

  • Food businesses

Our Brisbane firm of solicitors can help you make the right decision and peruse all documentation before you sign or proceed with such decision.Contact us on or 3345 4388 today for any commercial or business law assistance required in the Brisbane area.

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Commercial Team

Katherine Parasyn Hatzis Brisbane Law Lawyer

Katherine Parasyn

Alyce Hatzis Brisbane Law Lawyer

Alyce Carpin
Senior Solicitor

Rebecca Williams Hatzis Brisbane Law Lawyer

Rebecca Williams
Litigation Personal Assistant

Kaycee Biggins Hatzis Brisbane Law Lawyer

Ryan Underwood
Commercial Solicitor

Aristotle Glaros Hatzis Brisbane Law Lawyer

Aristotle Glaros