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Building and Pest Inspection – Do you need one?

Yes, we recommend that you do.

A Building and Pest Inspection Report can help you identify any structural faults or defects in the property that were not apparent from a visual inspection. If your contract is subject to satisfactory Building and Pest Inspection reports, you can terminate the contract before the Building and Pest Inspection date if there are problems with the reports you receive.

Recent changes to the standard REIQ contracts require you to notify the Seller if you are satisfied with the inspections or if you intend to terminate the contract by 5pm on the inspection date or the Seller will be able to terminate the contract.

Previous versions of the standard REIQ contracts allow the Seller to deem the reports you have obtained to be satisfactory if you do not notify the Seller of your intentions before 5pm on the inspection date.

Remember to ensure that any building and/or pest inspector you engage holds the appropriate licenses and that you obtain a copy of the written report. If you require any further information on building and pest inspection feel free to call our firm on 1300 428 947.

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