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Broken Promises: A Comparison of Approaches

Broken Promises: A Comparison of Approaches

Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones would have been shocked (to say the least) at the penultimate episode for Season 3.

Robb Stark’s broken promise to Walder Frey cost him his and his mother’s lives, however that is an unlikely outcome down under.

At its core, a legal contract is an exchange of promises – one party will promise to do an act (ie, work for you), and the other party will provide a reciprocal promise (ie, pay you for that work).

When one party breaks one of those promises (known as a breach of the contract), the wronged party is entitled to relief.

There is a range of relief open to a party to a broken contract, and it all depends on the circumstances of the legal contract.

In Westeros (the fictional land Game of Thrones is set in), a broken contract will either get your ships sunk in Blackwater Bay, half of your bannermen marching home or your King and his Mother shot full of cross-bow bolts.

Here in Australia, we are a bit more civilised – relief from a broken legal contract ranges from specific performance (the Court forcing you to carry out your promise – NOTE! Only available in certain circumstances) to damages for breach (to put you back in a position as if the contract hadn’t been breached).

Contract laws is one of the oldest and largest areas of law – if you think you have some legal contracts which you might have rights under, you should contact our Commercial Law team to discuss what further steps you can take for compensation. Feel free to email or call 1300 HATZIS (1300 428 947) .

[Game of Thrones is property of HBO and George R R Martin]

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